Judicial and private appraisals
Some professionals of the Firm often takes on judicial appraisal on behalf of a private party, as well as on behalf of the Civil, Commercial an Tax Courts.
Many Firm professionals also has a consolidated experience in evaluating companies and branches of companies, individual assets and rights.
Some of them also offices as liquidators, judicial directors and judicial liquidators.

Accounting and Bookkeeping
The Firm provides for bookkeeping and management of fixed assets.
The accountants of the Firm usually assists in arrange the annual budget, and the consolidated financial statements (IFRS or Domestic accounting principle).
The Firm also offers the possibility of a “tailored made” accounting management, through dedicated member of the team.

Tax assistance
Some accountants of the Firm takes care of the arrangement of periodic and annual tax return, and therefore the determination of the tax result.
They also provides for the telematic filing and payments.
The Firm also assists in optimising tax strategies, both in the case of distribution of dividends, as well as in cases of tax integration and / or generational change.

Day-by-day tax consulting
Some Firm professionals also provides the clients with day-to-day tax advice, assisting administrative managers in their internal activities, also by timely updating on tax domestic and international law changes.
In this context, the Firm also offers to its clients the possibility to second a dedicated member of the tax team.
Professionals of the Firm (tax accountants and tax lawyers) are also able to offer their assistance during tax audits.