CD TAX AND LAW FIRM operates with four offices. The head office is in Milan, via G. Carducci no. 15 (Cadorna district) in the downtown: another representative office is in downtown, in the historical Piazza Borromeo no. 12. Such offices can be easily reached by public or private means of transport, from the railway station and from the main airports of the town. Milan is the Italian city of business and finance, and its hinterland is an extremely cutting-edge area. Milan is known for being the Italian city of fashion, artistic creativity, publishing, and telecommunications, as well as being a world-class industrial center of excellence. It is therefore equipped with a permanent exhibition center, easily accessible from the office of the Firm.

The Firm also disposes of two strategic offices in Piazza della Rinascita no. 18 and in Via Trento no. 138 in Pescara, an Adriatic city center with a good road connection (motorway from Rome and railway along the coast) and air flight connection (Pescara’s airport is daily connected with London, Frankfurt, Brussels and Barcelona): Pescara’s offices, reference point for the activities located in the Center and in Southern Italy, are also the natural site for the relationships with the headquarter of Italian Revenue Agency – Centro Operativo di Pescara, in charge for the management and controls of non-resident taxpayers tax repayment (in respect of VAT and of Double taxation treaty income)

Finally, the Firm – as a member of a well-known international professional network – disposes of offices located in the main European and non-European financial markets.